When it comes to working with an SEO company there are many avenues in which you may want to engage in. However, I have brought together a few of the major components that make an investment in your SEO worthwhile.

You should start to see your Google ranking slowly start to climb within two months as your SEO begins to take it’s course. Your site begins to climb the rankings, you will find more and more people are able to find you via the web. SEO’s will also be using local optimization to bring your clients closer to you via Google’s expanding local search. This means when your perspective client searches for your site and business products or services will be first on the list.

Your SEO should keep up to date with Google and other search engines changing rules. A top company will be able to predict changes such as those that happened with the latest Penguin update, and be ahead of the curve. No one wants to see a 404 error, or worse and when you choose a top level company to work with you will be in good hands.

Your company business name, address and phone number in the footer or the top of the sidebar of your website. This is the best way to let the search engines know what city you want to promote your brand on. All your social platforms, should have the same address as well.

Mobile friendly website and optimization. Rule of thumb is that if your website is responsive on all mobile devices then you are going to pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Once it passes this test then you are assured to keep the existing or future rankings in mobile search.

Probably most important, a professional SEO will send you monthly (if not bi-weekly) detailed visitor and ranking reports. You can get them from the Awstats located in the control panel of your website. You should be able to trust your SEO as he is in control of your digital lively hood so he needs to be on top on his game.

Local website hosting is essential for higher local rankings. We have trusted this many times. If your website hosting data centers are located out of your country then transfer your website in this process.

1.) You will want to purchase a hosting account with a local web hosting company with data centers located in the city your business is located in.

2.) Do a ranking report for all the keywords you want to rank for, record the results for comparison later.

3.) Move the website to the new web host and make sure its 100% functional on the new server then change the name servers around 10:00 PM so your website will be propagated to the new server by morning.

4.) Wait approx 3 days and do another ranking report. Then take the first ranking report and compare it to the new one, you will see your website has risen in ranking a few spots just by moving the server. It wont be a update as

Start to build connections that you can use in the community and make a name for your business. As your online brand grows, so should your local brand. With both growing you will start to see results quicker than you think.