• March 22, 2019

We provide non profit services such as Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Website Design and Developments to organizations that use their business’s surplus revenues to achieve their obligations.

Non profit services we provide:

Non Profit Internet Marketing is one of the various ways in which we can develop your brand or business in a positive way. Internet marketing can include a variety of campaigns including ads, pay per click, linking and a number of other avenues to drive customers to your site. The key to a great Internet Marketing campaign is to bring customers to your site in a natural way, and not tricking potential customers with bad ads. Here at Integrity SEO we have built our business around our success in the internet marketing field, and will be able to deploy an effective and positive internet campaign that will suit your business model and tone.

Non Profit Search Engine Optimization is our bread and butter, and when you are looking for the best results in this complex field, Integrity offers the answers. Search Engine Optimization, otherwise known SEO is the way in which websites build their rankings on search engines. If a site like Google recognizes your site as valid and complete, they will rank it higher than a non-active site. Integrity SEO is able to customize your SEO plan to take advantage of both national SEO and local SEO that will raise your site faster than other companies, and will see your site on the first page of leading search engines after a few months.

Non Profit Social Media Marketing is one of our strongest abilities, and when it comes to all things social media we are the leaders here in Canada. Social media marketing is the process in which businesses like your own engage their customers through social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Utilizing social media will allow your business to reach a variety of potential customers, and the more engaging a campaign is, the better the results. With a developed social media campaign with Integrity SEO you will enjoy a strong following from customers, and brand recognition from various generations that will lead to increased hits and sales.

Non Profit Website Design and Developments one of the many strengths of Integrity Marketing & SEO Services, with our team of web developers you will see results practically immediately. Website design is a tricky science, and to create a great looking site that is operational takes experience and expertise. With the growing demographic of smartphone users, it has become even more important that your site is responsive to both computer and mobile users. Here at Integrity SEO we create a great looking site, that will convey your companies image and message through both computer and mobile sites that will be aesthetically pleasing and easy to use for all of your customers.

Our non profit SEO services, Internet Marketing and website designers and developers are some of the best in the industry. You can be rest assured that your in safe hands with over 23 years experience in all our services.