• March 22, 2019

Full Service Mobile SEO Services in Canada

We all need mobile SEO services for our websites as 67 percent of all Google searches in Canada are completed on smart phones or mobile devices.

Advancements in technology have brought more avenues to make use of the Canadian internet. From desktops and laptops, modern audiences are now making use of mobile devices, namely tablets and smartphones. This shift has brought about a realization to online Canadian businesses as well: they have to build websites that are mobile friendly.

A large majority of those who access the internet do so from mobile devices, so it falls on the tech savvy business to ensure their online presence is adapted to the same platform. Mobile SEO strategies and sales conversion techniques also have to be adapted to the mobile platform, which makes it imperative for an online business to hire a competent and experienced mobile SEO company.

With over 20 years of experience in the SEO industry, we provide effective Canadian mobile SEO services. Our techniques have brought unprecedented success to clients, and we have been labeled one of the top names in the mobile SEO market.

Our company provides these Google approved mobile SEO services for only $299. monthly. You wont find that cheaper any where in Canada!

Here’s What We Give You:

> Free 3 to 5 page, custom mobile website
> Our industry leading on-page optimization services
> Access to the ever-growing number of mobile users
> Monthly optimization techniques
> Monthly detailed visitor report
> Monthly mobile ranking report

What do you come out with? Results you can bank on, which come from years of experience in superior mobile SEO techniques.

Contact us today, and we’ll have a Canadian consultant talk to you regarding your needs.

Regards, Integrity Marketing.
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