When it comes to local rankings, the smallest of details can make the most significant impact, so I have narrowed those details down so you can make the best citation backlinks for 2015. It takes months and months of work to craft the perfect local SEO strategy, and why would you risk losing it for something that can take only a few minutes to correct. I have brought together a few huge tips on how to best prepare your site for local SEO and to better prepare your strategy for changes in the future. First we will be dealing with non hosted and non local citation listings, and then to the world off citation back links. First and foremost, non hosted citation listings can greatly diminish your local SEO, and more importantly completely kill off your local rankings. Citations of course are the location, address and phone number of the business within the Google catalog. This will help identify the location of the business, and give contact information for those looking to work with you. But, a non hosted citation can cause some issues. This is due to Google bots, and how they are programmed to crawl your site. If you have a non hosted citation listing, they will see this an invalid entry and bump you down the list. However, if you are showing a hosted citation listing you will see a bump up in your local ranking, and will set your local SEO on a great foot to move forward on. A further issue is if you utilize a non-local hosted citation listings for your site, then expect different results. The Google bots are not dumb, and when crawling your site they will see the difference between your site in Vancouver, and your host citation in Toronto. The result will be a bump down in the ranking, and months of work down the drain in regards to your local SEO. Lastly we move to everyone’s favourite, and that is the issues that surround citation backlinks. Backlinks can seemingly be the make it or break it for many sites, and when citation back links are done correctly they can create some gain. Back linking is tough these days, the way Google has been structured is you must earn your back links, and once accredited they will then work in your favour. The question is, are you willing to put in the painstaking labour that is forced when engaging in citation backlinks, or just focus on a few back links within the page and move on. The choice is yours, and although in the end citation backlinks, as long as they are legitimate and hosting in your country, will help your local rankings, a page full are often not worth the effort for the pay back. Make sure that your citations all have the same company name, physical address.